Grades and Grade Points

Grade points on your transcript are recorded from the following scale:

Grade Grade Points
A Excellent 4.00
A- Excellent 3.67
B+ Above Average 3.33
B Above Average 3.00
B- Above Average 2.67
C+ Average 2.33
C Average 2.00
C- Average 1.67
D+ Below Average 1.33
D Below Average 1.00
D- Below Average 0.67
F Failing 0.00
Grade Grade Points
FW Failure to Withdraw 0.00
I Incomplete: Students must make arrangements with their instructor and academic dean to complete the unfinished course. Students must complete the work within 45 days after the course end date. After this period of time, the grade will be changed to an "F". 0.00
N Audit 0.00
O Grade Requital: Awarded when a grade of "F" or "FW" is requited or forgiven. 0.00
P Credit Earned/Pass: Used exclusively in courses designated by the vice president of Academic Affairs. 0.00
Q No Credit/No Pass: Used exclusively in courses designated by the vice president of Academic Affairs. 0.00
W Withdrew 0.00
Course Repeated 0.00

These letter grades, descriptions, and points are used in all programs at Hawkeye Community College. An instructor or program may modify the grading system. Instructors are expected to inform you of their grading scale and procedures at the beginning of each course. The grading scale used by an instructor must be used for all students in a course and for all sections of the same course taught by that instructor in a multi-section course.

Faculty determine the weight and value of final grades in their courses and are not obligated to use plus and minus grades. Hawkeye will record letter grades as reported by the instructor.

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